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simic - corot-7b 12 (acid camp)

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simic: corot-7b

Acid Camp present their debut release, Simic's Corot-7b. The Seattle- based artist's full-length EP, features four tracks and a remix by John Tejada. The title track is moody, and brings an expansive, spacey vibe. Tejada remixes "Corot-7b" into a groovier, forward-moving track with a bassline that brings a bouncy and uplifting mood. "Sysop 1" opens with a catchy, quick-witted synth line that eventually draws in a light tempered shaker. "Expressway" is light and dreamy - a diverse ambient track that can be the perfect warm up or cool down with eloquent use of percussion: chimes, wood blocks, and bells.

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