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simon shreeve-healing bowl 12 (downwards)

Price: $14.99


simon shreeve: healing bowl

Healing Bowl forms Simon Shreeve's debut release under his birth name after his work as part of Kryptic Minds and his techno-leaning solo output as Mønic. Five pensile, nerve-pinched pieces defined by finely sculpted bass, shivering percussion, and cranky concrète processing. "a/sa" sets a crypt-like tone and spatial setting that bleeds thru into the title-cut before "a thousand and one" locates and locks into a dank pocket of plasmic bass and spectral vocal recital. "sharada" follows with a ghostlier pallor before the elusive, entropic sound design of "s/ka" seems to invert techno and D&B dynamics with vampiric lust and romance.

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