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sir richard bishop-road to siam 10 (unrock)

Price: $23.99


sir richard bishop: road to siam

Road to Siam shows Richard Bishop on a musical trip from the Iberian Peninsula all along through North Africa and the Orient to the Far East. "Mekong" is an improvisation on 6-string guitar based on the particular sounds of a traditional three-stringed instrument known as a phin, which originated in Laos. "Mekong," which was recorded in Phitsanulok, Thailand in December 2013, is a typical Richard Bishop track, elegantly liquid and hypnotic and Bishop's first new track in years. The B-side of the 20-minute long vinyl-only 10" features "Alhambra Drag," "Sand Shuffle" & "Coronado's Broom," which are highlights taken from digital-only available albums. Limited edition pressing of 500 copies.

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