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skream-skreamizm 7 3lp (tempa)

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skream: skreamizm 7

The seventh volume of Skream's seminal Skreamizm series sees the producer not only expanding his range dramatically, but inviting a true global pop-star along for the ride as well. "Copy Cat," the lead track from this latest installment, features a near-whispered vocal by Kelis over a sensual and minimal fusion of R&B and house, driven by an anxious and bounding groove that ensures the track will remain firmly lodged within the brain upon listening. Elsewhere, Skream takes much the same attitude he took with his recent Skreamizm tour -- a means of exploring broader avenues while still remaining connected to the essence of his sound. "Vacillate" and "Inhumane" are both immediately recognizable as Skream's own, pairing roaring metallic dissonance with welts of sub-bass, and the deep halfstep of "Junkyard Dispute" and "Scrooge's Revenge" stretch back to the dread pressure of early dubstep. Along with "Copy Cat," "Sticky" is another curveball that forms strong links with the techno/house-driven sets he's been playing recently, and is one of the most restless and driving things he's ever put his name to. Both are potent reminders of Skream's versatility as a producer, and add up to his most varied and exploratory Skreamizm to date.

Skream - Sticky

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