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smell the flesh-s/t ep (skudge)

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smell the flesh: s/t

The fourth release of the Skudge White series and MRSK's latest project, a journey beyond techno that almost takes a shamanistic turn. In his new Smell The Flesh guise, the man delivers six cuts of eerie beats, challenging his western aesthetics with a nonetheless complex yet primal approach. "Hail Kongo" sets the tone with its syncopated, haunting beats before "Closed Walls" creeps you up with dark Jamaican acid. Then, "Unsettled Conflict" reminds us of those '80s horror movies, the most menacing kind, while "Blood Relic" throws us in the middle of a trance-like chase scene. The record closes off with "Struck by Venom's" voodoo techno and "Cardiac Arrest's" final morbid message, an all-in-all unsettling journey.

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