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sobrenadar-y lp (sonic cathedral)

Price: $29.99


sobrenadar: y

Sobrenadar is the solo project of Buenos Aires-based Paula García. The name translates as "supernatant" -- essentially floating on the surface of a liquid -- the perfect description of the music she has been making since 2006. Inspired by "soundtracks, music of past times, '70s, '80s, ambient, Boards Of Canada, Charlotte Gainsbourg and Grouper", her mix of reverbed beats, electronica, guitars and vocals are like a deep-sea dreampop. Following her guest appearance on Jefre Cantu-Ledesma's album On The Echoing Green (2017), this is Sobrenadar's first international release. It combines her two most recent self-released EPs, Dromer (2016) and Habita (2017), and follows a succession of singles and remixes by Slowdive, Gwenno, XAM (Hookworms), and Mark Peters.

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