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sone-auroras ep (from 0-1)

Price: $11.99

fro-1 0.025

sone: auroras

Seattle artist, and From 0-1 co-owner Sone, issues his debut vinyl EP, ‘Auroras’. Aptly titled, this EP embodies the characteristic ethereal nature of these light formations seen in the far northern and southern hemispheres. Deep heady atmospheres, and constant driving rhythmic motion perfectly embody the artist’s vision. ‘Australis’ opens the EP with hypnotic rhythms and enigmatic textures. Milkplant continues the theme while ratcheting up the energy level, and injecting a touch of grit. ‘Borealis’ brings the funk with undeniable groove and tracky percussive power; serving as a great DJ tool. UK artist Operator (aka Rich Jones) turns the focus with heavy driving force, and an organic, acidic chug.

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