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spacemen 3-live at the new morning: geneva, switzerland 18.05.1989 lp (mental groove)

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spacemen 3: live at the new morning geneva, switzerland 18.05.1989

We all know and love Spacemen 3. Mental Groove have been exchanging this recording for 30 years and thought it was about time to release it properly. So instead of dealing with the impossible task of finding the words to describe how amazing this record is, let's just hear what Sonic Boom has to say about the release: "I seem to remember this show more distinctly than most, and always did. Spacemen 3 was a band not overly loved in their day. It was tough, or at least uneasy. Musically people thought we were some sort of twisted joke. Which in some ways we were. You needed to be bloody-minded to make this music at that time. The set presented here, is as it was .... except the show was twice this length. We tuned and smoked for almost as long as we played. And then our disenfranchise moment, installed to filter the wheat from the chaff in our audiences -- the sprawling 'SUICIDE' wheeled out here in a long, mischievous version. We slipped away mid-song amongst much fog and dry ice. With taped-down keys and feeding-back guitars propped against our speaker cabs, keeping the song pulsating and screaming. Disappearing back down to the already too-familiar dressing room. We rolled large smokes and cracked fresh drinks. And finally after an extended 'break,' re-appeared on stage. Not to wind down as normal at that juncture, but to re-fire up the piece for a further onslaught. Extending the maelstrom as bloody-mindedly as we could. We always 'sensed' when we were unwanted .... which was most the time we left the cozy confines of our white 'sprinter' van. Never get out of the van .... fucking tigers! But then again .... maybe .... just maybe .... and it's only a maybe .... maybe I don't remember a thing." --Sonic Boom, 2014; Recorded from the mixing desk. Includes liner notes by Sonic Boom.

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