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special request-hardcore 12 (houndstooth)

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special request: hardcore

Paul Woolford's Special Request moniker shrewdly merges UK house and pirate radio-beamed jungle trends, blending infectious rave tunes that could sit in all kinds of sets, from 120bpm techno to 170bpm drum 'n' bass. Prior to joining Houndstooth, Special Request has made four transmissions; released only on vinyl, they've all since long sold out. "Wall to Wall" merges the jacking tradition of Chicago with the UK's love affair with sub-bass, while "Broken Dreams" updates the music of the post-rave period, when the ecstasy rush of rave began to fade into more oppressive, drum-and-bass-driven hardcore. Meanwhile, two of the most exciting names to recently break onto the electronic music scene, Anthony Naples and Lee Gamble, offer respectively dense and spacious interpretations of "Mindwash" and "Capsules."

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