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spectral empire-goloko dharma 12 (nuearth kitchen)

Price: $14.99


spectral empire: goloko dharma

Spectral Empire prove once again that they're some of the deepest producers working today. The UK duo -- George Thompson (aka Black Merlin) and Kyle Martin (half of Land Of Light) -- make their Nuearth Kitchen debut with two tracks of stunning depth and range. A stellar example of spy-thriller disco, "Goloko Dhama" induces an exhilarating paranoia not unlike that created in Can's epic "Mother Sky." "Sadhu" seems like it could be emanating from a Nepalese mountaintop after a morning ceremony. It begins with exotic tintinnabulation, distant bass ripples, and celestial temple drones and then gradually accrues a steely-eyed, tribal-disco propulsion, accented by sputtering 808s.

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