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spoiled drama-this is our mission ep (fleisch)

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spoiled drama: this is our mission

Spoiled Drama reemerges exhibiting their darker side on “This is Our Mission”, their debut on the label embodiment of Berlin’s Fleisch collective. The five track EP exhibits a unique range and dexterity, blurring lines between the realms of techno, EBM, acid and electro with a touch of maladjusted pop and post-punk. From the anxious beat and shimmering tones of “Another Death Experience” to the ritualistic war drums and heavily distorted vocals of “Kisses Are Out of Fashion”, expect to feel dizzied, unnerved, yet beckoned to move. The eponymous track closes out the EP in an undeniably Drexciyan fashion, low-pitched vocals emerging from watery depths in lush sweeping pads and dissonant melodies. A mission accomplished with style.

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