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spotlight kid-ten thousand hours cd (saint marie)

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spotlight kid: ten thousand hours

Spotlight Kid is an English five piece who make reverb-soaked noise-pop of the finest order, with layered harmonies & swirling distorted guitars which at one time may have sat happily grinning among the Creation Records roster of the 90's. 'Ten Thousand Hours' is their 3rd album and latest offering. Every track is soaked in melody and atmosphere layering Katty Heath's voice, much bolder and upfront this time, against pounding drums, bass, shimmering guitars and keys. Produced by Todd Howe who can also be found playing guitar in The Boxer Rebellion. He has helped add a coherent sense to the whole album, which was written and recorded in several studios, including their own basement studio in Nottingham over last year. Ten Thousand Hours is a huge step forward from the previous album but instantly recognizable as the same band - loud, uplifting, melodic and noisy.

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