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stefan goldmann-emptying the vaults v1 12 (victoriaville)

Price: $12.99


Number 1 in a series of 3 EPs unraveling unreleased classic house tracks by Stefan Goldmann. Victoriaville continues its research into Stefan Goldmann's sweet back catalogue with the world premiere of a triple vinyl series of never before released house material. Revisiting the years 2000 - 2005, Emptying The Vaults highlights the era of Stefan Goldmann's "UK years." Restored from the original master tapes and cut by D&M's Rashad, here's some startling evidence of how deep the roots of house actually were in Berlin years before the hype set in. "Cirque Mecanique" is a throbbing groove workout with a dark edge, while "Warm Rush" brings sweet AND pure deepness. "True Dub" is an unreleased alternative version to 2002's "True" single -- no vocals, just bass

Track Listing: Side A 01. Cirque Mecanique Side B 02. Warm Rush 03. True Dub

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