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stefan goldmann-live at honen-in temple cd (macro recordings)

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stefan goldmann: live at honen-in temple

Live At Honen-In Temple is a document of a one-off site-specific performance in one of the most impressive settings a live electronic concert could possibly ever have. Featuring a wealth of new and unreleased material, Stefan Goldmann has custom-tailored a sound world as clearly detailed as the hidden gardens of Honen-In. Microtonal drifts, metallic grids and delicate turns merge into a gleaming monolithic pull. Embedded in the slopes of the Eastern hills of Kyoto, Japan, the Honen-In Temple marks the boundary between city and forest. By day, only its outer gardens are accessible. For this intimate concert, Honen-In opened its doors to a handful of listeners, exposing its intricate inner halls and gardens. Specifically selected and arranged for this night and site, Stefan Goldmann's music goes through an hour of transformations. The side walls of the main hall removed, electronics unobstructedly merged into the surrounding acoustic environment, while daylight faded into the dark of night. This concert performance was part of the Villa Kamogawa artist residency by Stefan Goldmann in Kyoto, Japan.

Stefan Goldmann: Live At Honen-In Temple // Macro M33CD

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