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stefan jaworzyn-principles of inertia lp (trensmat)

Price: $20.99


stefan jaworzyn: principles of inertia

Over forty minutes and four tracks 'Principles of Inertia' delivers an analog assault for the weirdest dancefloors. Kicking off with 'Biorigged', driven by a rugged breakbeat through bracing, atonal maelstrom of sheer, screeching, crisply contoured chirpin mind-bending tweaks. 'Festival Of Lies' delivers a swarm of blood curdling electronics underpinned by a squashed and distressed tract of wobbly bass and surging squall. Flip for the driving blistering juggernaut that is 'Gland Collector', a delirious proper napalmed ear-flosser. The LP closes with 'Apocalypse' which adds layers of bleeping LFO nastiness to relentlessly shuddering rhythms & blistering but lush harmonic noise. A dose of sonic bath salts straight to the ear.

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