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stephen o'malley & anthony pateras-sept duos pour guitare acoustique & piano préparé 2lp (shelter press)

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stephen o'malley & anthony pateras: sept duos pour guitare acoustique & piano préparé

Sept duos pour guitar acoustique et piano préparé is the second duo recording from Stephen O'Malley and Anthony Pateras. Their first together, Rêve Noir (2018), took an electro-acoustic scalpel to a 2011 duo concert for electric guitar and piano, using Revox and digital treatments to twist and smear gig documentation into ghostly echoes and fractured drones. Here, in contrast, the music is entirely acoustic and presented as it was performed, without overdubs. Both players' choices of instruments are notable: this is O'Malley's most extensive recording on steel string acoustic guitar (playing an instrument whose previous owners include Marissa Nadler and Glenn Jones) and Pateras return to the prepared piano, which he has rarely employed in recent years, after spending much of the first decade of the 21st century exploring its possibilities. Each piece has its own character, subtly distinguished from the others through mood, pacing, and timbre. While the music is calm, rippling surface is immediately entrancing, these seven duos -- in the tradition of the best improvised music -- also reward close listening, which reveals sonic details and focuses the listener's attention on how the music unfolds spontaneously from decision to decision, from gesture to gesture. Recorded during a period when O'Malley and Pateras were grieving the loss of recently departed friends and collaborators, these seven duos possess a reflective, at times almost mournful quality. More importantly, though, they are imbued with other qualities that can arise from personal loss: a clarity that allows one to clear away the inessential, to begin again, to renew one's faith in friendship and music.

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