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sterac-scorp 3lp (token)

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sterac: scorp

Steve Rachmad's, aka Sterac, extensive collection of projects over the years has provided a wealth of inspiration in its many forms. Although much of Rachmad's music has been influential on the development of Token from the beginning, there is one body of work in particular that encapsulates the essence of the label, in a classic and inimitable form. Scorp was an alias and label project operating between 2000 and 2004. Although not the best known of Rachmad's many aliases, its importance was not overlooked by discerning tastemakers at the forefront of the techno movement at the time. This compilation contains nine tracks in total, selected from these releases, plus one track previously unreleased from the same period. These ten tracks clearly demonstrate Token's alignment with this classic sound, exhibiting Rachmad's mathematical precision in employing bare-bones percussion to captivate, doing away with the formality of a lengthy introduction and urging a hypnotic state with immediate effect. All of the music has been remastered.

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