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stereo total-cactus versus brezel lp+cd (staatsakt)

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stereo total: cactus versus brezel

The 11th studio album by Stereo Total features no less than '60s-beat, electro-punk feminism, a tricky reflection on Pop Art, B-movie soundtracks, a tune for Alice Schwarzer, strong women and weak men, music for your local disco-basement and a song for vegetarians. To cut it short: Cactus Versus Brezel is a hit- and hook-laden record for the metrosexual bumchuck in everybody, regardless where you are living and were brought up. You need proof? You may want to ask adjacent stars like The Beastie Boys or The Strokes, fans that have invited Stereo Total to join them on bygone world tours: if there's any band transmitting from Berlin, Alexanderplatz that is -- for two decades now -- warmly welcomed anywhere in the world, it is Stereo Total. Production-wise, this time Stereo Total headed to Los Angeles to record their new album at legendary Stonehenge Studios with a couple of befriended musicians and producer Gus Seyffert live on tape. Seyffert is known to the pop-connaisseur for his bass work with The Black Keys. Includes a poster & free CD version of the album.

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