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steve bicknell-awakening the past 1 ep (6dimensions)

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steve bicknell: awakening the past 1

Steve Bicknell's Awakening The Past features three tracks from Why? + For Whom?, originally released in 1996. "Physical Life" opens with a rawness that is carried through the EP. With tape hiss underpinning the track, Bicknell's signature bass grumbles hold together hi-hats which progressively filter in-and-out over the course of the track. "Natural Vibrations" boasts an erratic and high-pitched 303 sequence that shows a bit of experimentalism. "Fearing The Minds Fears" paints a tense atmosphere. lashings of motorik modular synth are added with little fuss. Finally, "Conscious Awakening" drives the EP to a close with dizzying pace.

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