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steve hauschildt-s/h 2cd (editions mego)

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steve hauschildt: s/h

S/H is an anthology of rare and unreleased solo works by former Emeralds member Steve Hauschildt. Handpicked from eight years of home recordings, S/H is an archival work which delves into the inner workings of both his own music and his contribution to Emeralds' sound. Much of Steve's work has lay dormant for many years, but S/H gives the listener a personal tour of his canon from 2005-2012. Steve's music was initially born out of the mid-2000s Midwestern noise scene. But instead of creating harsh noise, he reconfigured and reappropriated techniques from the Berlin School, drone, new age and other forms of electronic music to create something wholly his own. This two disc set ranges from short electronic sketches to full-blown synthesizer suites. Most of this material is unreleased, with a few essential rarities that appeared on cassette and CD-r releases for such imprints as Mike Pollard's Arbor, Chris Madak's Deception Island and Hauschildt's now-defunct label, Gneiss Things.

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