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steve roden & machinefabriek-lichtung cd (eat, sleep, repeat)

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steve roden & machinefabriek: lichtung

Lichtung is a collaborative project centered around an audio-visual installation. Sound artists Steve Roden and Rutger Zuydervelt (aka Machinefabriek) composed the audio, while the video element was provided by the German visual artist Sabine Bürger. The Mindelsee Lake, situated just a few hundred yards away from the gallery, became the natural focus of the installation. During their stay, Sabine and Rutger recorded the video and audio footage that became the foundation which Steve Roden responded to with material inspired by his surroundings in the U.S. It resulted in an immersive four-channel audio-visual presentation, in a gallery space also showing additional visual works by each of the artists, and the floor covered with dried leaves. The CD edition of Lichtung is comprised of edits from the original Lichtung installation music, translating the audio-visual material of the original into a pure sonic experience. It's complemented by an edit of a live performance that Rutger gave at the opening of the exhibition, using pre-recorded sounds provided by Steve Roden as well as leaves, twigs and water gathered in the area.

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