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stick men with ray guns-grave city lp (end of an ear)

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stick men with ray guns: grave city

Dallas, Texas' Stick Men With Ray Guns was one of the most caustic and dangerous punk bands to ever exist, casting a long shadow that continues to darken those who stumble in out of the sun. Performing for much of the 1980s, the band lived to antagonize audiences (and one another) in a twisted display of love that showcased their departed frontman Bobby Soxx's vehemently anti-Christian views, radical art, and twist of self-destruction. Guitarist Clarke Blacker could bend two chords into a hateful dirge and a complete breakdown of musical structure. The rhythm section of bassist Bob Beeman and drummer Scott Elam perfected the midnight thud of interminable tempos that extended time for the purpose of putting the boot down on unsuspecting crowd members' throats. Violence at their shows was always anticipated, and the group built up a powerful reputation for their live presence and transgressive content without ever leaving their home state. They have no equal in modern music and likely never will, though many have and will get part of the way there. Stick Men With Ray Guns never released a proper record in their own time. This is where End of an Ear comes in with Grave City, the premiere release on the beloved Austin, TX's record store's new imprint. Together for the first time, here is every single studio track that was ever recorded by Stick Men With Ray Guns along with the two live tracks (plus one bonus track) as originally released on the four compilations: A Texas Trip, Live at the Hot Klub, Cottage Cheese From the Lips of Death, and Tales From the Edge Volumes 5 & 6. Each track has been restored and remastered for this release by Jack Control at Enormous Door Mastering in Austin, Texas.

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