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strange attractor-free fall 12 (full flavor)

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strange attractor: free fall

Full Flavor Music has reached its 18th release, the Freefall EP by Strange Attractor. Strange Attractor is an alter ego of Jonah Sharp aka Spacetime Continuum and half of Reagenz, his collaborative project with Move D. Previous Strange Attractor releases have been on Matthew Herbert's Phono Records as well as Astralwerks Recordings. Jonah's sound with Strange Attractor tends to reflect a slightly darker and more techy side of his productions. Freefall is the peak time drivey cut, with a perfect 4/4 beat and a great build going on with layers of synth sounds Plexa uses Jonah's favorite, his 808 providing a standout build with several elements of the drum machine all working together. There's an unexpected synth line that comes towards the tail end of the track that gives it clever perfection! Sudachi gives more of a funk element finishing off the EP nicely, very comparable to a Spacetime Continuum tune with rich layers of synth arpeggiation coming from Jonah's Roland SH-101. These tracks were composed live in the studio, pretty much in one take with all hardware running straight through the board and processed in the moment using mostly analog gear.

Strange Attractor Free Fall EP

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