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stretchmarks-the stretch m-arkhives lp (hot air)

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stretchmarks: the stretch m-arkhives

A seldom heard band existing at the end of the '80s comprising founder members of Stock, Hausen & Walkman and the drum/bass rhythm section from Nico's backing band and The Blue Orchids, and a maverick vocalist. All in turn under the influence of Allen Ravenstine, David Moss, Gareth Sager, James Blood Ulmer, Bootsy Collins, Herbie Flowers, John "Drumbo" French, Robert Wyatt, Ronald Shannon Jackson, Don Van Vliet, Gabi Delgado, etc., they attempted to meld the noisier end of free improvisation with a slightly more oblique and accomplished funk than the Manchester "baggy" sound of that era. An album release cobbled together from studio demo, rehearsal room, and live recordings. The Stretch M-Arkhives will appeals to enthusiastic listeners of: The Contortions, Boredoms, The Pop Group, the first Golden Palominos LP (1983), P-Funk, Pere Ubu, Clock DVA, Captain Beefheart, Defunkt, A Certain Ratio, Liquid Liquid, ESG, Material, The Birthday Party, DNA, Stock, Hausen & Walkman, Chakk, Butthole Surfers, John Zorn's Locus Solus, 23 Skidoo, Rip Rig & Panic, Mr Bungle, Cameo, the Wee Papa Girl Rappers, and everything in the next three decades that milked those influences to curdling point!

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