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sun glitters-everything could be fine cd (lebensstrasse)

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sun glitters: everything could be fine

back in! Music made with memories from the past and from the future, extending the space beyond that which illuminated is during sleep +++ Sun Glitters +++ Since Luxembourg and through recent months, Sun Glitters (aka Victor Ferreira), has becoming widely recognized internationally through the various themes he has made available on the Internet and from the various collaborations he has embarked with other projects, like, Steffaloo, Bermuda Bonnie, Purity Ring, Blackbird Blackbird, Niva, :Papercutz, White Denim or Lushlife. To his music have been associated expressions like: pitch-shifted vocal samples, lush melodies, ghostly digi-diva choirs, warm bass melodies, dense and relaxing beatwork ou downtempo and wonky beats. Every single track creates an atmosphere capable to involve those who listen it, not dissuading the horizon provided by the present, but pointing a fresh and bright direction even though it is far from the sea. Each theme is composed by tiny sound particles, in which rhytmic layers are worked to - sequentially - build the space, as does the body of a dancer, alone and naked, having the world as stage. Taken together, portray appeals from the unconscious, integrating them under a loop matrix of sound that does not foreshadows the existence of a nightmare. With this record we retake the path that take us to the beach from a city where we have to tremendously approach from things so we can look beyond itself and beyond the fog. On this trip, starting and arrival points matters and all that can be imagined from them along the path. Memories from the past and the future brightening the path on which it exists. The body recognizes itself beyond the skin and it is possible to feel the members stretching like ethereal matter that illuminates the darkness beyond the existing dreams.

too much to lose by Sun Glitters

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