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sven weisemann-bilateral relations ep (echocord)

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sven weisemann: bilateral relations

Sven Weisemann releases Bilateral Relations EP, comprising four originals from the German producer. "Lunation" opens and sees Weisemann fuse emotive string melodies and cavernous vocal echoes with off-kilter rhythms and rounded sub hits. "Bilateral Relations" embraces a more direct four-four approach via sparse percussion and tumbling toms alongside choppy bass stabs and echoing dub chords. "Monistic" is an airy ethereal number employing billowing pads, bright synth chimes, and a dropped-tempo dubbed-out feel. "Decimation (Valvle tR9 Mix)" closes things on a darker tip with looming stab swells, heavily swung drums, and sporadic growling bass drones.

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