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sw.:svn-s/t lp (apollo)

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sw.:svn: s/t

Apollo proudly presents the return of SW, joined by partner SVN for a sublime 6 track EP. SW's lush sound design and hypnotic arrangements of 2017’s ’The Album’ had hearts and minds swooning following it’s license from SUED to Apollo. It’s balmy glory won over Pitchfork ('deeply expressive debut album’ 8/10), Rolling Stone (best electronic albums 2017) and XLR8R (Best releases 2017) amongst many others. One year later, SW and SVN have gone into the studio, together; “to make some original music specifically for Apollo. The results are the 6 tracks on this EP,” they share in a typically taciturn statement. Taking inspiration from the iconic house and techno of the mid / late 90s - SW and SVN combine dreamy melodies and mesmeric grooves with unfussy, focussed minimalism, their beguiling, modern take on classic sounds and rhythms remains thrillingly unique and elusive. While SW and SVN are more comfortable out of the limelight, this 6 track EP for Apollo once again proves that they are rightly worthy of the hype that swirls around them.

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