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synthek & audiolouis-unwise remix series 1 12 (natch)

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synthek & audiolouis: unwise remix series 1

Unwise Remix Series, featuring remixes by artists who inspire Synthek & Audiolouis, kicks off with Tadeo's reinterpretation of "Thread Between Us," which keeps the aggressive mood of the original while raising the impetus with slender hi-hats, haunting chords, and devilish synth-lines. Aubrey's rework of "Broken Pad" features an unpredictable groove made of fluctuating bleeps and drums and embraced by spacey soundscapes strewn with sonic drills and fragments. Polar Inertia's remix of "Unwise" brings an extreme dose of deepness and a surreal atmosphere crossed by violent, droning flashes, while from a dusty, heavily texturized bassline rises a thin but empowering beat.

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