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tadeo-terra incognita 12 (token)

Price: $13.99


tadeo: terra incognita

"The Possibility of an Encounter" and "Apollo 7" thunder forward, leaving little room to gather breath, both sinister and hypnotic in equal measure. "Deep Space" is another dark, unsettling affair. Arpeggiated chords snake between deep, tribal rhythms. Tadeo's intoxicating synth work is reinforced by steadily building woodwind melodies, creating moments of rushing intensity before sinking back down into brooding soundscapes. "Mind Possibilities" deploys a similar mediation between synthetic and acoustic textures, yet in other instances Tadeo chooses to turn the focus to almost entirely orchestral timbres. "Despert" closes the release with staccato'd oboes, swelling low-end, and delicate strings.

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