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tahiti boy & mr oizo-wrong lp+cd (because music)

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tahiti boy & mr oizo: wrong

Wrong is Quentin Dupieux's new movie, the director most known under his musical alias, Mr. Oizo. During summer 2011, while he was wrapping the movie, he started to compose its score. He then had the idea to fulfill it with four hands, with David Sztanke aka Tahiti Boy, a French eclectic pop artist he met on Twitter. Indeed, Mr. Oizo, in a typical extravagant, generous gesture, offered through the social network three mythic beat machines, including a TR-808 for which Tahiti Boy (among others) showed great interest. Tahiti Boy seemed to be the most suitable to use it with relevance, and the two artists became friends. Mr. Oizo then had the idea to entrust Tahiti with the completion of Wrong's score. Settling in Quentin's Parisian apartment-turned-studio, David resumed the few compositions already began by Quentin, and finished and completed them with others (on which he sometimes used the famous TR-808). By the end of the year, the two artists reunited to adapt and shape the compositions in an album format. This is the third score from a Quentin Dupieux movie to be released on Ed Banger, in the same modernist, iconoclastic big tradition of original soundtracks made in France in the '60s and '70s.

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