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takahiro kawaguchi/utah kawasaki-amorphous spores cd (erstwhile)

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takahiro kawaguchi/utah kawasaki: amorphous spores

"Kawaguchi, previously on Erstwhile with Taku Unami (Teatro Assente), is captured here in his first duo meetings with longtime synth virtuoso Utah Kawasaki, making his long-awaited Erstwhile debut. The two recorded in the summer of 2015, combining a sense of 'object' performance with an improv/noise aesthetic, all impeccably documented by the aforementioned Taku Unami, and not even slowed down by a massive earthquake in the midst of their session. 'The first recording day was at Ftarri, an open live recording. Although there was a big earthquake during the recording session, we kept recording our performances while the room was shaking badly. On the second day, we recorded at pool, creating the atmosphere of an organic reverb driving through the underground drainage tank like a motorbike runs through a mountain path aggressively. The heavy bass sounds of analog synthesizer made the metal walls of the ditch sound amazing. Everything was recorded perfectly by the wonderful engineer Taku Unami. After the session, we went to eat ramen at Maruyoshi Store. I am a kind of person who listens to anything from improvisation, experimental music, hip hop to J-pop of idol singers, but I can recommend this album as something that anyone will find interesting with some strange impression.' --Takahiro Kawaguchi"

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