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talk west-black coral sprig cd (preservation)

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talk west: black coral sprig

The Preservation label presents Black Coral Sprig, the debut full-length album from Talk West. Talk West is the project of Tulsa, Oklahoma resident Dylan Aycock. Aycock has forged a small series of intriguing and beautiful missives through the cassette underground with his explorations on guitar. On Black Coral Sprig, Aycock negotiates the terrain between stately and homely by stretching a ringing country tone into an all-encompassing atmosphere, much like the ambient realms of Stars Of The Lid. His unhurried, gentle playing style comes to reveal understated textures that weave into a whole that is alternately spirited, warming and often haunting. It's a singular style reminiscent of Loren Connor's astral-blues and Bruce Langhorne's famed soundtrack for The Hired Hand, which, tellingly, was reissued in 2012 on Aycock's own Scissor Tail Editions. These spectral, cinematic soundscapes are a future vision of the guitar's past. Black Coral Sprig is the first work in Preservation's limited edition series called Circa for 2014, unearthing and unifying underground artists. Only 300 copies of each release in the series will be available and will feature a unique design by Mark Gowing. Each design realized using an abstract alphabet that creates an interlocking grid, determined by artist and volume number for something both fixed, random and unified across the entire series. Limited to 300 copies only.

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