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tensal-before the bonfire 12 (soma)

Price: $14.99


tensal: before the bonfire

Tensal returns to Soma with Before The Bonfire EP, the second single ahead of his forthcoming LP coming this May. Always pushing forward with his music, Tensal whips up a perfectly balanced 3 track release that straddles his more hypnotic sounds alongside deeper vibes. A side Quantico comes straight out the blocks with huge drums and well structured, syncopated percussion, building and swelling throughout with crashing cymbals leading into huge drops. Praxis serves up a classic slice of Tensal infused Techno. Creatively layered elements come together in perfect harmony to form a suitably hypnotic yet driving track. Cobertoria has Tensal traversing deeper territory as more subtle beats are coupled with entrancingly moulded pads lines and smooth filter sweeps - perfect for the after hours moments. Tensal, once again, shows his production prowess with this meticulously crafted release

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