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terence fixmer-psychik part ii 12 (clr)

Price: $13.99


terence fixmer: psychik part ii

CLR presents a three-track EP consisting of Terence Fixmer's follow-up of "Psychik" and two Monoloc remixes of "Lovesick." "Psychik (Part 2)" is a smoothly driving, thoroughly absorbing and faultlessly produced techno track with an uplifting vibe. Terence Fixmer's approach to techno has always transmitted a certain warmth and sincerity, and in both of his remixes, Monoloc pays respect to this rare talent, combining the haunting vocals of Cormac with a soft and elegantly rolling beat, creating a mesmerizing, otherworldly atmosphere. This is a diversified and irresistible EP with an intriguing sonic vision -- music for the mind and for the dancefloor.

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