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terranova-restless remixe 2 12 (kompakt)

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terranova: restless remixe 2

Terranova's second remix instalment for their Restless album features cuts from Terranova's Fetisch himself, veteran allies Stereo MC'S and an upcoming producer from Halle, Germany, Karl Friedrich. The latter throws down the gauntlet, opening with his reimagining of "Skin & Bones" featuring the captivating vocals from Lydmor & Bonhomme. Fetisch follows up with his own version of "Kepler186f," an energetic groover feeding off its thriving percussion and powerful bass injections. Stereo MC'S revamp of "Twisted Souls" featuring Cath Coffey: turns the source material into a thrilling club drama in its own right, using only a Roland 808, a Bell Delay (one of the earliest samplers) and a Juno.

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