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terry riley/don cherry/karl berger-live in köln february 23, 1975 lp (modern silence)

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terry riley/don cherry/karl berger: live in köln february 23, 1975

A legendary recording that pairs Don Cherry's heavenly trumpet stylings, Terry Riley's psychedelic/minimalist organ work and the vibes of Karl Berger in a great live concert recorded in Koln in 1975. Riley is in stunning form playing the kind of endlessly rippling dosed organ drones with a sense of stasis in expansion that is uniquely brain-razzing. Cherry's playing is heart-stoppingly beautiful, curling slow, melancholy arcs and threading high angel tones through Riley's electronic matrix. A great document of a key moment in the history of minimalism music and a beautiful combination of great artists. 180 gram vinyl. Edition of 500.

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