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tetuzi akiyama/che chen-cold soup lp (incunabulum)

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tetuzi akiyama/che chen: cold soup

Cold Soup is a follow-up to Don't Forget to Boogie with Tetuzi Akiyama in full boogie electric guitar mode. Added is Che Chen's screeching and improvising violin -- sort of like Tony Conrad meets Canned Heat. Tetuzi Akiyama is based in Tokyo and specializes in creating music with elements of both primitivism and realism by connecting his own aspirations, in a minimal and straightforward way, to the special instrumental qualities of the guitar. Sometimes delicately and sometimes boldly, he controls sound volumes ranging from micro to macro, in an attempt to convert the body into an electronic entity. Che Chen is a sound artist and improviser based in Brooklyn. His recent solo performances have consisted of improvisations based on the harmonic overtones of idiosyncratic tunings (scordatura) for the violin, played against sine wave pedal points.

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