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the fantasy-the fantasy vol 2 12 (secret mixes/fixes)

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the fantasy: vol 2

ltd repress. The Fantasy: 2 veteran Detroit DJs making their fantasy versions of untouchable songs. "I Can't Turn Around", Isaac Hayes - One of the many, but a main antecedent to the genre known as house. And here you can see: it is totally hypnotic and from another world. Yum Yum (Gimmie Some)", Fatback Band - This version is like Hamilton Bohannon meets Entertainment era Gang of Four transformed into a fantasy disco version of a lost gem. "Dr. Doo-Wah", Kongas - An extended freaky kalimba jam that transforms into a strange disco jam about a special kind of doctor. "Hum Along and Dance", The Jackson 5ive - This song features the most unlikely Michael Jackson vocals ever over these endlessly hypnotic drums performed by Hal Blaine of the Wrecking Crew. Hand Stamped limited edition one time press

servant of the spirits:

rolling thunder:

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