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the lentils-brattleboro is flooding lp (feeding tube)

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the lentils: brattleboro is flooding

"Luke Csehak sounds like a man who has had some troubles. But like the weird alchemy that made Todd Rundgren's early '70s sides so crucial, this new Lentils album manages to work as a damn-near-joyful explosion of (or maybe from) pent-up emotion. And it sounds beautiful. As he demonstrated ably with his former band, Happy Jawbone, Luke's creative engine is a weirdly canted turbine of distemper. His best songs are always moving along and falling apart at the same time, and so it is here. Like all top-rated generators of skew-assed roots-pop, the Lentils never neglect hooks no matter how wiggly the music gets. Just when you start to figure everything's gone to total chaos, a melody rises from the urk to grab your aural worm and dive for the bottom. There are moments here that recall everyone from Big Star to the Grifters to some drunk guy who really likes Dion. It manages to have a continuously riveting folk-rock center no matter which direction it turns. And man, it turns plenty. We suggest you do the same" --Byron Coley, 2015. Edition of 300. Co-released with BUFU Records.

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