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the lowest form-personal space lp (harbinger sound)

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the lowest form: personal space

"The second album from UK hardcore engine The Lowest Form, Personal Space sees the band cutting through a comedown fug of feedback, sharp butterfly-knife guitars flashing deadly over a waste-ground rubble of noise. Songs drawn up from discord, songs of marshalled cacophony, coils of scratching guitars break apart and reform, coalescing around insistent basslines and heavy drum-beats, before splintering again. It's hardcore constructed from textured noise as much as from break-downs and riffs, rumbling infectious chants emerging from the wavering clamour, the vile keening of consciousness's half-known edges, noise in the grain of it all, noise as bedrock, an abrasive acid bath of fuzz, susurration and machine-whirr. The Lowest Form have brought together another LP of murdered-out panic attack punk, lithe and unleashed, born of bad vibes and background radiation, an album at once uncomfortably close and fully heavy." --Joe Briggs.

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