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the steinbecks-kick to kick with the steinbecks cd (matinee)

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the steinbecks: kick to kick with the steinbecks

Highly anticipated new album from The Steinbecks, the Australian pop group led by former Sugargliders Josh and Joel Meadows. The Steinbecks emerged from the ashes of The Sugargliders after the ’gliders released ten 7” singles on legendary pop imprints Summershine Records in Australia and Sarah Records in England. The Meadows brothers write emotionally honest pop songs about the world as they experience it, and record them with multi-instrumentalists Matt Sigley (Earthmen, Daytime Frequency), Joseph Bromley, and Jerry Rinse. ‘Kick To Kick With The Steinbecks’ features 12 new recordings that explore ancient cave paintings, an after-midnight ’60s club, a narrow escape from suburbia, and a soapbox rant about wireless radio, plus keen observations on relationships and romance. It is the band’s first album since ‘Far From The Madding Crowd’ in 2007 and follows the splendid ‘A Nest With A View’ retrospective from The Sugargliders also on Matinée.

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