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the underground set-war in the night before lp (cinedelic)

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the underground set: war in the night before

First reissue of War in the Night Before by The Underground Set (1971), one of the most important and rare Italian rock albums of the '70s. Limited-edition LP in deluxe sleeve with laminated front and matte back. Includes download code for full album plus six tracks from rare 7"s released in 1970 and '71. The Underground Set were Italian band Nuova Idea, releasing under an assumed name for contractual reasons (they released another cult LP in 1971 as The Psycheground Group).War in the Night Before was produced by Gian Franco Reverberi (whose earlier work was sampled to form the basis of the 2006 Gnarls Barkley hit "Crazy"); Reverberi also composed the album under his Ninety alias. The Underground Set's second album, War in the Night Before is definitely heavier than their 1970 self-titled debut, with great fuzz guitar, organ, Mellotron, and drums. Some riffs in a Black Sabbath style anticipate what would be defined, decades later, as "stoner rock." Psychedelia, beat, rhythm and blues, and progressive rock are all mixed into these instrumental tracks with some polyphonic choirs typical of Genovese prog (particularly New Trolls).

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