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the wake-a light far out cd (ltm)

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the wake: a light far out

LTM presents a brand new studio set by cult Factory/Sarah Records dreampop group The Wake, their first album since reforming in 2009 after an extended hiatus lasting 15 years. Re-emerging with well-received live shows in Brussels, London, Paris and New York, core duo Caesar (guitar, bass and vocals) and Carolyn Allen (keyboards and vocals) recorded A Light Far Out with producers Ian Catt (St Etienne), Duncan Cameron (Teenage Fanclub) and remixer Drew Diver of NYC-based duo Horse Shoes. ‘Really it’s been a process of rediscovery,’ says Caesar. ‘After getting back together to play the Factory Night at Plan K in Brussels, then going on to play a few more gigs, we set about making a fifth album. Hopefully it combines elements from our past recordings with our more recent work as The Occasional Keepers - to create something that resonates in the present day.’ Talk About the Past: Often described as the missing link between Postcard Records and Factory, The Wake formed in Glasgow in 1981 after Caesar quit pre-fame Altered Images. After two albums and a slew of singles for iconic Manchester label Factory Records, The Wake joined esteemed indiepop label Sarah for two more albums between 1991 and 1994, Caesar and Carolyn then deciding to focus on experimental theatre work as 12 Stars. The duo also recorded two albums as The Occasional Keepers in collaboration with Bobby Wratten of The Field Mice/Trembling Blue Stars, and were tickled pink by Nouvelle Vague’s recent cover of O Pamela. Melancholy Man, another track from their 1985 album Here Comes Everybody, recently appeared on the Late Night Tales compilation curated by MGMT.

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