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theologian/ancient methods-la saignée 12 (metaphysik)

Price: $14.99


theologian/ancient methods: la saignée

The repress comes in silver/black coloured vinyl and simple inside/out grey sleeve. Theologian and Ancient Methods sticker inserts are included with each copy. metaphysik brings Ancient Methods and Theologian together into one sphere, with the intention to juxtapose their energy and aesthetic elements alike. As both commenced as strangers and worked separately, the split has developed, gravitating naturally towards the themes of love and death. A “Death Elemental” by Theologian is a relentless and compelling journey featuring wistful cello by Gretchen Heinel and synth by Daniel Suffering. B “A German Love” by Ancient Methods delivers a pounding pace creating an unforgiving wall of sound, while “Built on Scars” is supported by a pulse heavy rhythm. 

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