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tim hecker-ravedeath, 1972 2lp (kranky)

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Recorded over the period of mostly one day & assisted by Ben Frost in Reykjavik, Iceland & using a pipe organ as the primary sound source, this new piece exists in a nether world between captured live performance & meticulous studio work, melding the two approaches to sonic artifice as a unity. The album is partly an attempt to confront a pervasive negativity surrounding music. Historical rituals of destroying pianos, mountains of pirated CDRs pushed by bulldozers in Eastern Europe, or the melancholy of the digital music era began as sideline motifs which quickly informed the work on this record. Despite that the context is wide open in such a form of musical abstraction, the substance of these immersive compositions showcases HeckerÕs continued mastery of organizing sound into a visceral near entity.

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