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tinfoil-5 12 (tinfoil)

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tinfoil: 5

Hot on the heels of the massive Tinfoil 4 (which gave us one of 2016's standout tracks "Foil 23"), Sunil Sharpe and DeFeKT return with the fifth installment of their ongoing collaborative project. This time christening most of the tracks with names rather than numbers, the pair continue to display their versatility over this fresh new 4-tracker. "Twerp", "Booyaah", "Leave Your Body" and "Foil 30" visit various areas of Tinfoil's repertoire from their trademark modular snarling techno and hypnotic DJ tools, to the weird, vocal-laced concoctions that they make with apparent ease. Another hugely original, and straight-up rocking EP from Tinfoil.

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