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tobias hellkvist-everything is connected cd (home normal)

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tobias hellkvist: everything is connected

‘Everything Is Connected’ has been a long time in the making. Flowing as both seven distinct yet connected tracks, the album needs to be heard as a whole to understand its nature properly. It is in many ways quite a departure from what we are used to with his previous work, with its reverberated guitar tones, and slowly evolving structures, even to the deep 4/4 beat on the incredible ‘Christmas Rat’. Yet the organic nature and earthiness is still very much there in the work, perhaps more prevalent on ‘Everything Is Connected’ than in his previous works actually. This is not an album to rush. This is an album to savor and absorb for its perspective, enveloping nature and soul. In an age when people, labels, and record shops alike want to rush, shuffle through their music libraries and have no time to sit down and actually take something in, Tobias has created something which is almost a throwback to when people would actually take the time to listen, get lost in the music and depart. So stop talking for a second, stop worrying about what you need to do next and after that, listen and let yourself be consumed by this remarkable record. All music created, mixed and mastered by Tobias Hellkvist. Recorded between 2010 and 2011 in Malmö, Sweden. Some post production made in early 2012.

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