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tolouse low trax-s/t 12 (karaoke kalk)

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tolouse low trax: s/t

Tolouse Low Trax aka Detlef Weinrich presents four tracks on Karaoke Kalk, two of which are remixes by befriended artists. Miles, also known as one-half of Demdike Stare, puts his hand on the track "Sussing" and covers it with an enigmatic, shadowy veil. The second remix was done by Wolf Müller, a percussionist, who mutates the track "Jeidem Fall" into a tribal, celestial dance tune. "Vindeland" is full of dark synths and shuffled patterns that morph into a nervous soigné sensation. "Eisenbahnzunge" starts with a celestial arpeggio until a strange voice appears and everything melts layer by layer into an elliptical ambient experiment.

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