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tom hang-to be held in a non position lp (tidy bedroom)

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tom hang: to be held in a non position

Having spent seven years in his adopted home of London steadily crafting a hazy, ambiguous identity that fuses ambient onto drone and techno, Tom Hang (aka Lobster Theremin boss Jimmy Asquith) finally steps up the the plate with 'To Be Held In A Non Position' - a melded one-take LP that explores extended themes of isolation, loneliness, personal loss, disconnection and reconnection with reality and (self)-identity. Through his long-lost label Tidy Bedroom - on which 'To Be Held In A Non Position' will be released - Tom Hang engages in a more introspective path, exploring sonic territories that find an echo with dislocated past experiences, pushing physical and psychic boundaries to get at the crux of intimacy.

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