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tom trago-hidden heart of gold 12 (voyage direct)

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tom trago: hidden heart of gold

Tom Trago has supplemented a nonstop schedule of DJ gigs, remixes, and studio collaborations by using Voyage Direct to promote the music of Dutch producers old and new, including Aardvarck, Boris Werner, Maxi Mill, San Proper, Elias Mazian, and Magnesii. Here he delivers his first solo single since 2013, "Hidden Heart of Gold," with virtual waves of ambient chords, eyes-closed melodies reminiscent of classic stargazing techno, and disembodied vocal samples over a tough but unfussy machine drum rhythm and addictive bassline. The "Ambient Mix" is a winding, beatless excursion brimming with hazy, late-night beauty. Gentle, immersive, grandiose.

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